The Advantages Of Adopting Xinhai Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet In The Northern Areas Of China

- Jul 03, 2018 -

The climate of north and south China is quite different, and it is also different from the application requirements of hollow polycarbonate sheet. In northern areas, build greenhouses material selection is very important, because the weather is too cold in the north, every winter, vegetables, flowers, plants are unable to normal growth, in order to supply the demand for the content such as fruits and vegetables, greenhouse cultivation arises at the historic moment.

Many people will use thin film or glass to build greenhouses, but because such greenhouses have many shortcomings many, lead to higher maintenance costs, so the emergence of a new type thermal insulation sheet broke the deadlock, the original appearance of hollow polycarbonate sheet for greenhouses brings new changes.

Xinhai sheet have specifically targeted at the north weather research and development of greenhouse hollow polycarbonate sheet, the sheet is more suitable for the north, in addition to the hollow polycarbonate sheet itself has pervious to light, heat preservation, uv protection, impact resistance and other characteristics, plank floor is covered with a layer of anti fog droplets layer of condensation process, have natural water diffusion effect, make the plate and the surface tension of the condensed water is greater than the surface tension of the water in the air, thereby the moisture in the air on the plate uniform distribution condenses into water droplets on the board, along the slope slide to the edge, to prevent injury in plants in greenhouse, at the same time improve the light transmittance of greenhouse.

Greenhouse main body frame is made of galvanized square pipe welding forming, generally we 8 mm hollow sunshine board, for example, frame body pillar with more than 50 * 100 * 2.5 galvanized square tube, end column using square tube, over 50 * 50 * 2 beams using above 40 * 60 * 2 square tube, using hot dip galvanized bolts and tapping wire connection.

Xinhai polycarbonate sheet cover material can use zinc, greenhouses and top cover around 8 mm or 10 mm thick hollow polycarbonate sheet, sheet joining together between using special aluminum profile and anti-aging sealing strip, can effectively prevent the leakage.

In order to build an economical and practical greenhouse with hollow polycarbonate sheet , it is necessary to select high quality greenhouse skeletons, especially those with sufficient specifications and thickness. Some greenhouse production manufacturer in order to reduce the cost of greenhouses skeleton cost, reduce the specification and thickness of galvanized steel, this kind of behavior not only affects the hollow polycarbonate sheet of greenhouses, bearing capacity and the risk of collapse, causing unnecessary loss to customers.

Secondly, as the covering material of greenhouse, Xinhai hollow polycarbonate sheet has the characteristics of light transmission, uv protection, anti-condensation and anti-impact. Especially the double - sided UV coating of the sheet anti-aging effect is obvious, more than 10 years of life. The selection of high-quality solar panels not only maintains the beautiful greenhouses, but also plays an important role in the insulation effect and production cost of greenhouse.

We remind everybody when choose and buy polycarbonate sheet, be sure to see if products use new material , some manufacturers use recycling old material to pretend to be a new product, this old sheet material completely reach use fixed number of year, and may fracture may at any time.

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