What Are The Factors Influencing The Price Of Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet?

- Jul 09, 2018 -

With more and more cars, the demand for domestic carport is also increasing. So what are the factors that affect the price of hollow polycarbonate sheet?

According to the choice of customer demand the price of hollow polycarbonate sheet carport, have flexibility change. Such as material is different, size is different, design modelling is different both are factor to be the important reason that price is different.

1. Different sizes

The price of a shed made of steel structure and film material must vary with the size.

2. Different materials

Car roof materials have several kinds, which are frequently used at present is hollow polycarbonate sheet, plate, etc., stamina, no doubt, it must be the former price is low, but the use effect of the latter than the former.

Xinhai plastic rainshed is made of high quality hollow polycarbonate sheet and professional customized aluminum profile. All high strength aluminum alloy high quality materials, strong and durable, the surface of electrostatic powder spray treatment, not easy to scratch, corrosion resistance.The ceiling is made of high quality solid polycarbonate sheet, shock resistant, uv resistant, and thermal insulation.

3. Different styles and shapes

Different models of the car shed, price according to the market demand, and the material situation has a flexible change.

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