Enjoy The Healthy Life Of The Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

- Jul 21, 2018 -

The building wall of sunshine room uses hollow polycarbonate sheet, according to the home condition, create the sunshine room that is suitable for oneself can approach natural, recreational and recreational, leisure day has become busy city crowd's decompression method.The sunshine that rises quietly board sunshine room becomes in recent years fashionable personage presses heavy new build.

1.Air pavilion type sunshine room. 

The balcony of top floor closes make sunshine room, blocked wind and dust also can obtain open vision. The sunshine room of the top floor azimuth prevents the design that chooses commonly used folding door, can use the side face structure of the bedroom with many flat open Windows, can assure already abundant ventilated breath, and this kind of design with window acting door also can assure the illicit close sex of the bedroom and security. The sun room uses inner shutter shade for shading. Although its shading effect is not as strong as external sunscreens, the warm winter sun is very suitable and easy to clean. Cooperate to have the sofa of wild green breath, tea table and green plant potted, undertake in sunshine room to meet a guest to get together friend, the feeling of illicit close and lax reveals naturally.

2. Sinking sunlight roof sunlight room.

The sunken space is closed and dark, and it is changed into a sunlight room. Lighting and ventilation are the most important. Make this sunken sunshine room make recreational dining-room, audiovisual room, or illicit close study, recreational tea house, the sufficient daylighting on the top of the head increased the bedroom to pass through a feeling, and more close surrounding space makes the bedroom illicit close tightness rises greatly.

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