The Sealing Effect Of Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

- Jul 13, 2018 -

In the solid polycarbonate sheet construction process each link is very important, but opening sealing treatment on both ends of the sheet need particular attention, if the sealing technology is not perfect, will directly affect the use effect of the whole solid polycarbonate sheet. So what is as measurement for this seal part?

If solid polycarbonate sheet after installation does not get good sealing, moisture, dust and other impurities may enter the inside of solid polycarbonate sheet, so solid polycarbonate sheet light  transparency,heat insulation as well as the beauty aspect will fall. The sealing of the solid polycarbonate sheet shall meet the following requirements: 1. No matter it is water, air or dust, it should be impossible to pass through the sheet end; 2. The sealing material used will not damage the endurance board; 3. The material shall have good resistance to high temperature or low temperature, so as to maintain good adhesion effect for a long time.

Under the guarantee of the above basic conditions, the sealing material can give full play to its due value, so that the sealing effect of solid polycarbonate sheet can reach the corresponding standard.

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