The Problems That Should Pay Attention About Polycarbonate Sheet As A High - Rise Building Doors And Windows

- Jul 04, 2018 -

In recent years, PC sheet development is very rapid, everywhere in our daily life can see their figure, from modern greenhouse greenhouses, curtain wall, small to carport, furniture partition, there have been more and more people put the hollow polycarbonate sheet, solid polycarbonate sheet as household decorates material, not only beautiful and easy, and safety coefficient is hundreds of times higher than the glass.

Now Xinhai polycarbonate sheet mainly introduces you the using of it as a high-rise building doors and Windows problems that should pay attention to.

Hollow polycarbonate sheet, solid polycarbonate sheet and other PC sheet, with strong light transmission, impact resistance, heat insulation, weather resistance, anti-condensation, flame retardant, sound insulation and excellent processing functions, are new energy-saving Windows and doors data. Include PC sheet to make model door window inside when using on tall building, should notice the following a few problems:

1. To cope with the high - rise building doors and Windows anti - wind pressure requirements, a reasonable profile section layout. Reasonable paint material enhanced layout, mainly spread in the profile steel on the basis of reasonable, one is enlargement of the scale of the reinforced steel chamber, as far as possible to increase the reinforced steel profiles using scale; The second is to adjust and enhance the shape layout of the section steel, add some useful to enhance the section steel inertia moment, improve the strength of the section after the window, so that the section can receive greater air pressure after the window.

2. High - rise building doors and Windows anti - wind pressure requirements, the appropriate profile formula description. In this aspect, it is mainly through adding some original data to add the welding Angle strength of profiles, improving bending resistance ability and other functions, so as to satisfy the application requirements.

3. Aim at the high - rise building doors and Windows anti - wind pressure requirements, the scientific doors and Windows facades, material selection description.

4. Aim high - rise building doors and Windows to resist the need of wind pressure, in plastic doors and Windows manufacturing, using installation process to strengthen the description.

5. Add the number of connections between the window frame and the wall to make it stronger.

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