Sunshine Board Sealing Technology

- Dec 21, 2017 -

The original tape on the sunshine board. Only for the temporary protection of the edge of the plate is not resistant to aging, in the installation of the project, according to the size of the plate, the material must be cut after the construction of special tape according to the requirements of the installation procedures to seal the end plate grid, the original tape replaced. Installation of special adhesive tape should have good weatherability, long-term use without losing its adhesion and mechanical strength, installation operation, when attached tape.

Pay attention to the following points

(1) Make sure the edge of the board is smooth.

(2) To blow all the holes, the compressed air must be dry and free of any impurities.

(3) to ensure that the profiles, metal cover, U-shaped protective slot at the end of the tape completely covered, the installation is complete, there should be no exposed parts.

(4) before the last installation of the pre-installed to check the tape without loss, found damaged tape, be sure to replace.

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