The Relationship Between The Thickness Of The Sunshine Board And The Number Of Layers And Service Life

- Dec 21, 2017 -

First, the key to the life of the sun board is the top of the layer containing UV, rather than the number of layers, so the number of layers does not extend the life of the plate itself, for arched curved roof construction, but will reduce The life of the plate.

Second, in most cases, the price of multi-layer sunshine board is slightly higher than the price of two-layer sunshine board, but the heat preservation performance of multi-layer sunshine board is better. Therefore, the number of sunshine boards should be selected according to actual needs.

Third, the installation is also a link can not be ignored, the correct installation can make the sunshine plate to achieve the expected life, wrong installation will damage the life of the plate. If the space is too small, the height is too short, the support skeleton is too thin, or screen material in this case can choose to thicken the plate.

Fourth, the life of sunshine board is determined by the production of raw materials, not by the thickness of the decision. New PC particles produced by the plate must be recycled materials longer than the life of the plate.

Therefore, according to the use of the environment and the purpose of use to select the number of layers to be used for the job, the sun is not the number of layers more, the more long life.

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