Sunshine Board And Lighting Board Which Is Good

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Raw materials: In general, the raw material used in the lighting board production is FRP, and the material of the sunlight board (also called hollow board) is PC polycarbonate.

Lighting performance: Both have lighting features, including sunlight performance and weather better weathering, and lighting board is better acid and alkali resistance, not easily acid-base corrosion;

Production process: PC sunshine board is co-extruded, the production process is more complicated; Sunshine board is one of the lighting board, most of the lighting board is made of FRP, and the sunshine board is PC (polycarbonate) Made of

Life: good PC board life is 10 years and 15 years or even 20 years, better FRP lighting board warranty period of 10 years;

Thermal conductivity: FRP solar panel and frp lighting performance comparison, then the thermal conductivity of PC is lower, but the FRP lighting board is usually a single layer, thermal conductivity than the PC sunshine board (multilayer hollow structure), which means the summer sun Irradiation, lighting board indoor temperature will be higher;

Light transmittance: PC sunshine far better than frp lighting board, and yellowing low;

Leakage: FRP lighting board and PC tablet are screwed, leak-proof no problem. PC sunshine plate U-shaped lock plate, the screw does not penetrate the plate at installation to achieve a true waterproof leakproof.

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