About The Customer Service Process We Provide

- Jun 28, 2018 -

The using of polycarbonate sheet products often requires different specifications, especially polycarbonate solid sheet products. Customers often require us to make samples for different specifications or special functions. Some require only a few square meters, while others require a large area of samples for functional testing. Over the years, Xinhai has made service process for such customers.

First of all, we will confirm the customer's sample demand. If the customer needs more samples and there are some required product specifications in the existing inventory of Xinhai, we will trade it on the project price. If there is no suitable specification in the inventory, we will arrange the production according to the order. The time is 5-7 days. Of course, there is another situation. In case the factory doesn't issue orders of corresponding specifications, in order to accommodate the interests of both parties, we will give you the production at the market price. Please understand.

Second, we will priorly give our own standard of free samples to you, a single sample sheet size: hollow sheet 15 cm * 23 cm, solid sheet 10 cm * 10 cm, according to your specific application, we will recommend and mail to you all the different color, thickness, hollow or solid sheet sample boards with our standard color card. Even so, for engineering clients with large demand, we recommend you visit our factory directly.

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