A Solution To The High Noise Of Raindrop On The Polycarbonate Sheet Awning

- Jun 30, 2018 -

As the material polycarbonate sheet prevails, there have been more and more people in the daily  use this material when decorating, including rain awning, convenient at the same time also can produce some problems, when there is a heavy rain, the rain falls on awning, noise can cause dripping sound, especially at night when it rains, the noise influence sleep. Many owners use old clothes, thin blankets, sponges and other items to reduce the noise caused by rain or falling objects. This approach proved to be more effective to reduce the noise, but lost light transmittance, polycarbonate sheet awning also limits the daylighting effect of the balcony, if placed only when it rains, it is too troublesome removing it again when the weather is fine. So is there any good way to solve the problem of too much noise from the rain? Xinhai sheet now share the solution.

PC sheet raindrop noise solution 1

When installing a awning, if there is an air conditioner or sink above the awning, you need to redirect the drainage of the air conditioner or sink. This will prevent the noise when it doesn't rain .

PC sheet raindrop noise solution 2

In order to reduce the polycarbonate awning noise when it rains,when installing polycarbonate sheet rain awning , in the allowed range, try to reduce angle between awning plane and wall plane, when it rains raindrops contact area with awning sheet is reduced, thus can greatly reduce noise.

PC sheet raindrop noise solution 3

If the balcony's polycarbonate sheet awning have been installed, there is no budget to dismantle and reinstall, there is also a remedy, when it rains, close the door and window of the room to the balcony. This can reduce effectively the noise that the noise outside the balcony awning sheet to pass into the house. Of course, if awning daylighting situation does not affect the balcony, can also spread a thin layer blankets or sponge on the polycarbonate sheet awning, effectively reduce the noise, if spreading blanket on the polycarbonate sheet awning influenced the daylighting of the balcony, let the balcony become dim, don't pave for good.

Although awning installation the balcony has the defects of large noise when it rains, but installing balcony polycarbonate sheet awning have good light transmittance, strong and durable, the advantages of block wind block rain, also can prevent high fall injury.

Reasonable use above method, can effectively solve the balcony polycarbonate sheet awning high noise problem.

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