Advantages Of PC Sunlight Board In The Ecological Greenhouse Of Agricultural Greenhouses

- May 11, 2018 -

The PC sunlight board is made of polycarbonate as the core material. It has very high transmittance, and the transmittance of the transparent sunlight board can reach 92%. The lighting requirements of agricultural greenhouses are very high, and the transmittance of sunlight panels can meet the requirements. The sunlight board is well insulated, and the greenhouse needs constant temperature to keep normal growth of plants and animals in the shed. The design of sunlight greenhouse greenhouse skylight is an effective way for solar greenhouse to save energy, reduce emission and improve the air environment. Skylight is also the key element of the sun board agricultural greenhouse. It is mainly divided into: continuous gear and rack system drive using inflatable utility window, that is, through air bag inflating or deflating, complete the closing and opening of the profit window and manual manual automatic closure of the skylight mode. The processing performance of the sunlight board is outstanding, and it can be customized according to the actual demand in the greenhouse construction. The product warranty is as high as 10 years, which is more economical than traditional film greenhouse.

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