Sunshine Board Canopy Selection Method

- Dec 21, 2017 -

PC board canopy is a carport canopies that use PC polycarbonate sunshine board or endurance board as the covering material. There are basically two types of PC boards that are used as canopies in the market: hollow sunshine boards and solid endurance boards. One of the cheapest hollow hollow sunshine board, solid endurance board the most durable.

PC canopy color

According to the survey, the lake blue canopy board is currently the largest market, followed by the grass green, then transparent, the other colors are relatively less used. Lake blue and grass green light transmittance of the transparent board is not high, shading effect is better, combined with bright colors, more consumers are favored.

PC canopy thickness options

About the thickness of the PC sunshine board endurance board, hollow sunshine board 8 mm and 10 mm more commonly used; solid endurance board 2 mm and 3 mm more commonly used; hollow sunshine board 8 mm and 10 mm are more commonly used. Thickness can be customized according to their needs.

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