Why PC Hollow Board Is Called Sunshine Board?

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Because it is widely used in agricultural greenhouses, building lighting and so it is called sunshine board. If you consider the light transmission characteristics alone, there are many materials that can replace the sunshine board in the market, such as lighting film, glass, acrylic and various synthetic transparent resin materials for greenhouses. But only PC hollow board was people called sunshine board, in the end is why? This will start with the material structure of the sunshine board.

PC material itself has a high light transmission, and any other kind of light-transmissive material, will not be inferior, the transmittance up to 90% or more, this is the most basic characteristics. In addition, the PC material itself has the advantages of thermal insulation, sound insulation, impact resistance, flame retardant, tenacity and cold bending, etc., which makes the solar panel some characteristics stand out. In addition, according to the production process, it can be structurally shaped into a hollow double-layer structure, a four-layer structure, a honeycomb structure, a rice-type structure and even a more complicated hollow structure. And this structure is the highlight of the sunshine plate high insulation properties, with the material's own thermal insulation properties, making sunshine plate insulation properties rose to an unparalleled position. Therefore, people will be hollow structure of the PC board called sunshine board.

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