Xinhai PC Sun Board Manufacturers To Give You Advice

- Dec 21, 2017 -

1. With the color of the pc sunshine board, how can we easily identify his warranty and quality? Domestic PC sunshine board manufacturers in order to take care of most customers, the product will generally be divided into high Zhongdi Dang; some in accordance with the warranty period of distinction, and some sunshine board manufacturers are imported materials, domestic materials, old and new mix to distinguish quality. For the transparent sunshine plate, can be identified by the transmittance, and other colors of the sunshine board is difficult to distinguish.

Here is a very simple method:

(1), look at the weight of the board, the relative weight of high quality is better (you can distinguish between imported new material and domestic new material).

(2), carefully check the surface to see if it contains impurities (used to distinguish whether or not doped with recycled materials.

(3) to observe whether there is a pockmarked surface. In general, low quality polycarbonate particles will appear translucent spots after the sun panel is formed because of uneven quality.

2. How to determine whether a business online is the sun board manufacturers?

We all know that products such as engineering plastics are ordered directly from the manufacturers, the quality is more guaranteed, and the price is more reasonable. However, the information on the network is chaotic, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, which has a few simple tips:

1), observe the name of the company, if it is with business, trade and other words, are generally middlemen. Manufacturers generally have the industry name or "manufacturing" and other production vocabulary

(2) What is troublesome is that some handbag companies change their name to some manufacturing company in order to pretend to be manufacturers or even counterfeit. This requires another way of judgment. In order to maintain their operations, general commerce and trade companies need to carry out various businesses, such as : Frp sunshine board, lighting tile, pc sunshine board, carport, canopy, acrylic panels and other PC materials related to the surrounding products. The regular professional sunshine board manufacturers, only in the field of continuous research and development.

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