Which One Is More Suitable For Carport And Awning, Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet Or Solid Polycarbonate Sheet?

- Jul 05, 2018 -

There are many applications of PC sheet, among which the application of carport occupies a large proportion. Whether it's a large municipal project, a parking garage in a community, or a simple carport for family use, the choice of PC sheet materials is worth studying. Over the years, Xinhai has accumulated a large number of cases of rain canopy, among which half of the customers using the hollow polycarbonate sheet account for each other. Below, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages between the two.

Hollow polycarbonate sheet because itself is hollow, quality of a material is lighter, but the corresponding its impact resistant ability is poorer, sheet if the application is in the south area, occasionally hit from the stronger hail, ordinary double 8 mm or 10 mm hollow polycarbonate sheet has the risk on the hail smash (can undergo general small hail impact), it is hollow polycarbonate sheet relatively solid polycarbonate sheet a disadvantage. However, if there is a requirement for the heat preservation effect of the canopy, hollow polycarbonate sheet is the best choice because of its unique hollow polycarbonate sheet. And the price of a hollow polycarbonate sheet is several times cheaper than solid polycarbonate sheet.

Solid polycarbonate sheet’s structure is solid, light transmittance and appearance seems to be more beautiful, its biggest advantage is impact resistance, more than 4 mm solid polycarbonate sheet can bear large hail impact (solid polycarbonate sheet itself has certain elasticity). Another advantage of the solid polycarbonate sheet is the texture and aesthetics, if there is a requirement for aesthetic customers, solid polycarbonate sheet is the best choice. As mentioned above, the disadvantage of solid polycarbonate sheet is that its price is more expensive. Take 4mm solid polycarbonate sheet as an example, its price is four times that of 8mm hollow polycarbonate sheet.

It can be seen that the choice depends on the user's preference. The following is the recommended thickness of xinhai hollow polycarbonate sheet for awning.If we use the hollow polycarbonate sheet, we suggest that we can choose the ten years of golden earth or the ten years of xinhai. The double layer thickness is 6mm-10mm. If you use solid polycarbonate sheet, you can choose xinhai ten years with a thickness of 3mm-5mm. No matter be solid polycarbonate sheet or hollow polycarbonate sheet, the choice of color has several choices, our recommendation is lake blue, grass green, sapphire blue, milk white, gray, tea and so on.

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