What Advantage Does Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet Flower Greenhouse Have

- Jul 10, 2018 -

Hollow polycarbonate sheet flower greenhouse, also known as courtyard greenhouse, is made of high quality hollow polycarbonate sheet as sheet material and aluminum alloy as frame assembly. Small courtyard flower house is light and practical, and is mostly used for courtyard, roof terrace, balcony, enjoying the breeding interest of flowers and plants and small crops. With the improvement of quality of life, green garden products are more and more popular among modern people.

The characteristics of a flower greenhouse with hollow polycarbonate sheet

(1) household flower greenhouse are generally small in scale. Household flower greenhouse range in area from 2 to 10-20. The dimensions range from 60cm to 4m in width, 1.7m to 2.2m in height and 2.4m in height. The length of the flower greenhouse is generally designed according to the user's requirements.

(2) the beautiful shape, firm contracted, unique lighting performance is good, strong weatherability, simple structure, heat preservation and heat insulation, easy assembly, easy to use, can generally according to customer demand for processing. Because domestic flower greenhouse generally appear in the bedroom, garden, villa, hotel, garden, park and other places, therefore, according to different places to design the corresponding suitable flower greenhouse structure has important significance.

(3) convenient disassembly and transportation. This is in stark contrast to the complex structural design of the production flower greenhouse, the long assembling period and the high human cost. Transportation is also easier, thanks to its smaller structure.

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