How Does The Effect Of Polycarbonate Solid Sheet Used As Partition

- Jul 19, 2018 -

Polycarbonate solid sheet as a new type of ecological and environmental protection building materials, its application range is very wide, from advertising light box, lighting lamps, to the stadium of light model, construction of building curtain wall and so on. In addition to these applications, in fact polycarbonate solid sheet is also used in the field of home decoration, such as furniture partition, polycarbonate solid sheet is a good choice.

1. The polycarbonate solid sheet is more environmentally friendly and safe for partition

Polycarbonate solid sheet is a kind of energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials. If it is used as the main material for partition, it can not only meet the basic functions of fire prevention, earthquake resistance, impact resistance, etc., but also show a beautiful appearance.

2. Polycarbonate solid sheet can also be used as the main material of the partition wall

To make a partition wall, you need not only to prepare polycarbonate solid sheet materials, but at least two additional metal materials. Take stainless steel and aluminum profiles as the main frame of the partition wall, and then use polycarbonate solid sheets as the wall body to form a whole.

3. Excellent performance of the partition wall made of polycarbonate solid sheet

Due to polycarbonate solid sheet by ultraviolet UV resistant layer and the main ingredient of polycarbonate co-extrusion process, thus effectively against UV damage, reduce the fade, the occurrence of such phenomena as aging, prolong the service life of partition. Moreover, it can effectively reduce energy consumption and noise and make the space more quiet.In addition, the resistance of polycarbonate solid sheet is better, so it is not easy to break off as a partition, which is beautiful, strong and durable, and can guarantee the safety of the home.

Thus it can be seen that compared with other materials, polycarbonate solid sheet used as partition has very obvious advantages, it is because of these advantages makes polycarbonate solid sheet a very popular in the home market.

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