Is There Any Requirement For Purlin Distance When Installing Solid Polycarbonate Sheeting

- Jul 27, 2018 -

Solid polycarbonate sheeting is installed on frame commonly, and frame is comprised by purlin on frame, so solid polycarbonate sheeting is installed when purlin distance has no requirement?

When building solid polycarbonate sheeting building, put forward certain requirement to its place set purline space, cannot exceed 80 centimeters commonly, such ability ensures the snow load bearing capacity of solid polycarbonate sheeting basic demand, avoid collapse.In practical application, the specific interval is also related to the width of the solid polycarbonate sheeting.

If the length of the solid polycarbonate sheeting is 2.1 meters, a supporting rod should be placed in the middle of it, so a rafter is welded to 1.05 meters.In this way, the edge of the solid polycarbonate sheeting can all be put on the square pipe, with a little space for expansion in the middle. The aluminum bar is pressed and the bar is fixed with screws.

If the rafter distance on the solid polycarbonate sheeting is not 1.05 meters, and the width of the sunshine board is 2.1 meters, it cannot be fixed with a compression bar.In this case, it is recommended to use h-pc midlink or i-aluminum to plug in the solid polycarbonate sheeting, which not only saves material, but also is more convenient and fast.At this point, you can order an endurance plate that has not been cut edge treatment, which is very convenient for H type inserts.

In addition to the determination of purlins distance, there is also a way of punching solid polycarbonate sheeting, which must be punched in order to be attached to other materials.Because the strength and toughness of the endurance plate are very high, once the operation is wrong, the plate may crack along the nail hole, causing irreparable loss.

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