Design On Balcony Awning Of Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

- Aug 06, 2018 -

Opening the window  can see visible sky, the balcony of solid polycarbonate panels is shed, barefoot walks in white ceramic tile floor, cream-colored wall brings a person halcyon and comfortable visual experience, put the recreational desk and chair of primary wood color, wide space brings a person clear sense, the adornment design photograph of whole space is harmonious and consistent, the carefree feeling of life presents come out.

For high-rise residential are contracted style design, the space area is small, the main color is light color series, give a person a kind of leisure life attitude, the metope of the balcony is carpeted with warm yellow tiles, floor is paved with brunet wood, balcony middle article two linen cushion, around the middle of the round table, glass picture design creates a warm scene.

As a place of entertainment, it can fully enjoy the natural freshness, the upper with a translucent style hollow polycarbonate board, both have the effect of shading, would also make the sun not too strong, and bar woodiness floor, show the beauty of the original natural space fully, log color stripe chair with octagon three-dimensional table suitable, present a different stereo feeling.

Under the balcony awning of solid polycarbonate sheeting, there is pine leisure dining table and chair, the quality of real wood, pine brings special fragrance, let a person be intoxicated in it. Breathing the fresh air, looking at the distant blue sky, as if living in a carefree world; Recreational recliner still can see the star in the sky at night, the life that makes a person yearn for.

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