Which Is Better, Solid Polycarbonate Sheets And Acrylic Sheets?

- Aug 01, 2018 -

The kind of sheets material on the market is more and more, especially the sheets material of plastic kind, look from exterior basically is same, differentiate very hard.But actually they make the material to have distinction actually, the plastic sheets that everybody use commonly are solid polycarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets, the appearance is similar below, which kind of these two sheets is better?

At this time, we need to know how to better distinguish between acrylic and solid polycarbonate sheets for our use. In fact, acrylic and solid polycarbonate sheets are two distinct products.

In terms of transparency, the new materials generally have high transmittance of the solid polycarbonate sheets, which looks more transparent, while acrylic a bit vague, not so clear.

Besides, acrylic acid is easy to age and has limited service life, but the solid polycarbonate sheets will not have such worries.

And solid polycarbonate sheets not only have good outdoor uv resistance, but also can be soundproof, insulated, and bent.The point is that it's so resilient that it doesn't break even with cold bending. Currently, the precondition is to stay within the bending radius.

Solid polycarbonate sheets have flame retardant properties, but acrylic sheets do not work and typically burn when ignited.

In terms of impact resistance, the solid polycarbonate sheets are known to be not afraid of impact and fall, but acrylic is not good, and due to its material relationship, it does not have anti-impact effect.

And about the price of solid polycarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets, also can affirm is solid polycarbonate sheets price is more expensive, but the comparison of comprehensive all sorts of performance, still suggest to choose solid polycarbonate sheets, although it is expensive, but it is value for money actually.

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