How To Install Decorative Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

- Jul 28, 2018 -

If take solid polycarbonate sheet as adornment construction material, it commonly do not use wet working method, use nail to fix instead. By contrast, the installation process is much simpler, but more attention should be paid to ensure the correct installation of the solid polycarbonate sheet. How to install decorative solid polycarbonate sheet?

The first step is to install the outer corner stone and the starting bar. The base surface of the outer corner stone and the wall exposed corners should be fixed with the accessories first, and then the starting bar of the wall solid polycarbonate sheet should be installed. In order to keep the water level of the trim surface linear, the bottom of the exterior corner trim surface should be lower than the bottom of the starting strip. In the horizontal direction, it is from left to right piecemeal in order.

The difficulty lies in the installation of the first and second solid polycarbonate sheets. First, the left end of the plate is cut flat, and then the lower end is vertically stuck into the slot of the starting bar along the wall after it is in place. In the second solid polycarbonate sheet, insert the lower end of the plate into the starting bar, and then move horizontally to the left to connect with the first installed solid polycarbonate sheet, leaving a certain gap.The next step is to repeat the above.

As long round nail holes are arranged on the solid polycarbonate sheet, attention should be paid to nail the nail pieces in the middle of the reserved hole, and there should have space, not too tight.

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