Can The Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets Insulate Heat

- Jul 31, 2018 -

Hollow polycarbonate sheets are well known for their insulation effects, keeping the panels in a greenhouse built at a high temperature during the cold winter without impeding the growth of crops. However, as the sun becomes more and more intense in summer, the temperature of the building will also be higher and higher. So can hollow polycarbonate sheets be insulated? How does ability have adiabatic effect?

In order to effectively solve the heat insulation problem of hollow polycarbonate sheets, what basic measures can be taken?

1. If you want to insulate, you can use a dark or opaque hollow polycarbonate sheets, which can provide a good insulation effect.

2. When conditions permit, other shielding materials can be added to the hollow polycarbonate sheets, and the sheets with light transmittance can also have a good effect of heat insulation.

3. In addition, if the color is fixed, the number of structural walls of the thickened sheets, such as the four-wall hollow polycarbonate sheets, can play a good role in sound insulation. In the actual use process, multi-wall hollow polycarbonate sheets still reflect a lot of excellent performance, in some specific occasions the demand is still very large.

Above is the advice for you about the thermal insulation effect of hollow polycarbonate sheets. If you have any other questions, please contact our customer service staff online or directly call the consulting phone.

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