How To Judge The Quality Of The Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

- Jul 25, 2018 -

Polycarbonate hollow sheet is useful wide, action is big, this is the advantage that this profession accepts, so when choosing polycarbonate hollow sheet to serve in our work life, how should judge the quality that buys polycarbonate hollow sheet, make it develop the biggest advantage and function? Here are some tips for you.

Judging the quality of polycarbonate sheets:

1. Transparency

The transmittance of the national standard polycarbonate hollow sheet is as high as 88%, the lower the transparency is, the more the recycled material is added, the color of the inferior the polycarbonate hollow sheet is grey, the transmittance is very poor, and there are obvious impurity black spots in it.

2. Open the protective film to see the sheet material

Non-impurities and non-particulate materials are brand new raw materials. On the contrary, those with impurities are added with recycled materials. The more impurities the recycled materials are added, the more obvious the impurities are.

3. The thickness between the upper wall and the lower wall

The thicker the upper and lower walls are, the more sufficient the material is, the higher the proportion is, the higher the cost will be, and the better the quality of the sheets will be.

4. Bending radius of the the polycarbonate hollow sheet

The polycarbonate sheet has good toughness, and its safe bending radius is more than 175 times of its thickness.The cold bending radius of the inferior polycarbonate sheet is small (the upper and lower walls and the total thickness are relatively thin), and the sheet is very easy to crack, you can bend to try the toughness.

5. sheet flatness

On the one hand, the flat sheet indicates that the upper and lower walls are thicker, the material is sufficient, and it is not easy to deform.On the other hand, the equipment technology is also good. If there are waves on the sheet, it indicates that the the polycarbonate hollow sheet technology is immature or the upper and lower walls are thin.

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