How To Improve The Performance Of Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

- Jul 16, 2018 -

Solid polycarbonate sheet is a kind of very outstanding sheet material, especially for its performance, it can meet the requirement in different situations. The reason why it has this advantage, it is because the manufacturer at the time of making solid polycarbonate sheet, has further enhanced its performance through the use of some measures, to make the material become more outstanding.

We are curious of what technology can improve solid polycarbonate sheet performance, especially its frictional resistance and fatigue resistance, through experimental research, found that when the solid polycarbonate sheet sliding direction perpendicular to the melt flow direction, the wear quantity is small. That is to say, adjustment between injection, melt temperature, mold temperature and so on can improve the friction resistance of the sheet.

Solid polycarbonate sheet fatigue property and the bonding force between the layers of material, relevant tests also prove that the bonding force between the glass fiber with PC is much less than with PA, so PC solid polycarbonate sheet fatigue property to be stronger.

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