The Causes Of Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Roof Leakage

- Jul 12, 2018 -

Solid polycarbonate sheet used in construction is very common, we can use a ceiling or sun room products, but in the real implementation,it found out that solid polycarbonate sheet transparent ceiling leaking problems. So how can we effectively solve the problem of the leakage?

After the inspection, it was found that water was leaking from the joint of the polycarbonate sheet. How could this happen? In general, the thermal expansion coefficient of solid polycarbonate sheets is several times that of ordinary glass, so when exposed to sunlight, the change of joints between solid polycarbonate sheets will be large. If this is not taken into account in the design, it is easy to cause leakage.

And when installation we also should pay attention, because the product has the characteristics of light weight, solid polycarbonate sheet so also will the wind load caused by external force or other deformation into account, lest make solid polycarbonate sheet seal seams of shape, craze. In addition, the choice of sealant is also an important factor influencing whether water leakage will occur during the use of polycarbonate sheet, so it should be paid attention to.

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