The Main Applications Of Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet

- Jul 07, 2018 -

Hollow polycarbonate sheet is widely used in agricultural greenhouses, as a kind of new agricultural greenhouse lighting material, it has almost all the characteristics of agricultural greenhouse need, such as the light transmission, heat resistance, impact resistance, weatherability, fire flame retardant, etc. Therefore, since the release of this material, the hollow polycarbonate sheet has been in the world's greenhouse field a whirlwind. After years of development, hollow polycarbonate sheet began to infiltrate more industries.

1. Agricultural greenhouse

As stated above, agricultural greenhouse is the initial application of hollow polycarbonate sheet, in order to suit for the different heat preservation environment, hollow polycarbonate sheet derivative out the twin wall sheet, three, four wall sheet, honeycomb sheet, etc., the thickness range from 6 mm to 20 mm.

2. Canopy rainshed

And agricultural greenhouse pursuit of pervious to light quality, light plate in the application of the carport canopy more because of its strong impact resistance, toughness, cold bending), color diversity, qualitative light, environmental protection, long service life and so on. Generally, the thickness of the hollow polycarbonate sheet applied on the awning is 6mm - 12mm.

3. Architectural lighting

Large buildings in order to make the internal environment bright, set up the fixed daylighting belt, according to the different function there have color or transparent hollow polycarbonate sheet, and in pursuit of high light transmittance mostly use pure transparent hollow polycarbonate sheet. Because of some large building maintenance cost is higher, such as gymnasium, large construction daylighting top, the hollow polycarbonate sheets it use are mostly complex structure, such as four wall, honeycomb structure type, five wall, six wall structure, and even more complex structures, the thickness is generally in more than 15 mm.

4. Garage entrance, telephone booth, etc

the underground garage in order to let a person can adapt to the export strong light, will have certain pervious to light hollow polycarbonate sheet as a wall, generally use twin or four wall, honeycomb sheet, thickness from 8 mm to 15 mm.

5. Decorative effect

Because the hollow polycarbonate sheet excellent flame retardant properties, a lot of indoor or outdoor decoration wall can also use the hollow polycarbonate sheet, generally use with decorative features crystal hollow polycarbonate sheet, have different thickness, different structure.

Above is the main application of the hollow polycarbonate sheet now, we can't list one of the more derivative sheet application, in general, the sheet gradually from the original agriculture and engineering application into every family.

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