Precautions About Transport And Storage Of Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet And Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

- Jul 02, 2018 -

Hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet has good light transparency, high intensity, outdoor weather resistance, and the advantages of convenient installation, light weight, in construction, agriculture and industry applications used as indoor partition, canopy, carport.

The transportation and storage of hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet are mainly introduced here.

When hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet are transported and stored, correct operation should be carried out in accordance with the instruction method, so as not to scratch or damage the edge of sheet. Hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet must handle with care during transportation, pay attention to keep the car clean, in order to prevent the scratch of the sheet edge and the protective film and damage of fold, application objects, such as paper or cloth will four Angle of wrap.When transporting, the sheet should be padded under the sheet to prevent chafing.

The sheet is covered with protective film above and below, and one side of the sheet containing UV protective layer should be exposed to the sun when handling and installation. Do not remove the protective film before installation and use to prevent scratching and scratching the surface of the sheet.

When hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet inventory are stored, it shall be placed in a cool place in the room, avoiding long-term storage in the place of direct sunlight and possible rain. The room shall be kept dry, ventilated and clean without dust. Plank to store the accumulation of sealing side, in case of dust fall into plank interior and moisture in the air the formation of condensation within the sheet, also should pay attention to not and direct contact with the cement ground, lest corrosion sheets.And room temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃

Storage status 1 -- vertical storage:

When storing vertically, the hollow polycarbonate sheet should be fastened to each other and maintain a 10-degree inclination Angle. The total thickness of a pile of sheets should be less than 30cm.

Storage state 2 -- horizontal storage:

If possible, try to place the same size PC sheet 30 cm above the ground and not touch the ground. If the PC sheets that need to be stacked have different sizes, stack the larger sizes underneath.

If possible, the protective film should be removed during the installation and processing of PC sheet and the acceptance work.

Precautions for protection of protective film:

The protective film used in Xinhai is stored in the place of direct sunlight for more than three months. Polycarbonate hollow sheet and solid sheet in more than 60 ℃ environment temperature storage time is too long, sheet protective film will not easy to peel, special attention should be paid.

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