What Should Notice About Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet Under Different Applications

- Jul 06, 2018 -

Since the birth of hollow polycarbonate sheet, the early main application areas have been as architectural lighting, such as agricultural greenhouses, ecological restaurants, sports venues, factories, rain shelters and so on. With the diversification of the hollow polycarbonate sheet include color, thickness, structure, etc, it also produces the light transmittance of change, even like a canopy, carport, etc in order to cover a certain light back with with color even opaque PC sunshine board, its main use in the canopy, carport, some with a nature of shade, such as ceiling applications.Later, some manufacturers in the plate on the surface or internal add lively element, looks more beautiful, which used for decoration, such block rain (export). Of course, there are more diversified applications. We will not analyze them for present. We will mainly analyze the problems of hollow polycarbonate sheet in some mainstream applications.

The sun panel may not be the best covering material for lighting applications (such as the PC endurance panel curtain wall of the building, glass curtain wall, etc.), but it is the most suitable lighting material for specific areas. Mainly divided into:

1, agricultural greenhouse, such as ecological restaurant, architectural lighting the daylighting of the thermal insulation for the purpose of application, here we need to pay attention to the following parameters: hollow polycarbonate sheet light transmittance (the thin structure of the simple light transmittance is higher), thermal insulation performance, the better the performance of the more complex structure of the thicker the insulation), impact resistance, the better the performance of the more complex structure of the thicker the shock), UV aging resistance (UV coating more thick, more can guarantee the sunshine board to keep high light transmittance of the fixed number of year), the characteristics of droplets (prevent droplets coating effect and time).

2, canopy, carport, such as the application of rainshed, need to pay attention to the relatively simple: aging resistance (UV coating thickness), if is not good in the use of a few years later anti-aging is very easy because of long time exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, such as natural environment erosion caused brittle; Impact resistance, the better the performance of the more complex structure of the thicker the shock), frequently, strong hail weather in some areas, at this point it is recommended that you buy solid polycarbonate sheet instead of a hollow polycarbonate sheet, in order to avoid the strong hail damage.

3. The crystal polycarbonate sheet used for decoration daylighting is mainly used in foreign countries. The volume sales of crystal polycarbonate sheet in domestic is relatively small. If you have a batch of crystal sheet for takeout export, you can contact us through regular channels.

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