Analysis On Hollow Polycarbonate Panels Cold Bending And Installation Skills

- Jul 23, 2018 -

The material of the hollow polycarbonate panels is polycarbonate, which has good toughness, so the hollow polycarbonate panels can be bent at room temperature.

1.Due to the toughness of the hollow polycarbonate panels, it can be bent at room temperature to meet the needs of different installation areas. Moreover, the correct and reasonable method is adopted, and the cold bending treatment of the hollow polycarbonate panels will not affect the panels itself and its service life. The correct and reasonable cold bending treatment will not only improve the lighting area, meet the requirements of architectural art design bending, but also improve the carrying capacity of the panels.

2. The cold-bending hollow polycarbonate panels has been widely used in the construction industry, but before it is installed, the metal frame must be cleaned first. Also reserving expansion space to ensure installation quality.

3. When installing the hollow polycarbonate panels, the plasticizer in PVC washer and the chemical substances in certain rubber washer will be transferred to the surface of the washer, so it will destroy the hollow polycarbonate panels after contacting with the panels material, so it is absolutely not allowed to be used. It is recommended to use gaskets made of epdm, silicone and neoprene.

In addition, special attention should be paid to the fact that the hollow polycarbonate panels must be sealed after installation. At this time, the neutral silicon series sealant, double-sided waterproof tape and rubber pressure bar should be selected, and the correct operation can obtain the high-quality sealing effect.

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