Why Hollow Polycarbonate Sheet Is The Preferred Material Of All Kinds Of Ceiling

- Jul 26, 2018 -

Now almost everybody can see hollow polycarbonate sheet everyday, for example of all sorts of daylighting passageway corridor ceiling, safe passageway, cross street overpass, garage entrance daylighting shed etc., the application of hollow polycarbonate sheet not only has high transmittance, beautiful and generous and have certain artistic beauty. So why is the hollow polycarbonate sheet the preferred material for all kinds of ceiling?

How long will the hollow polycarbonate sheet last?

The service life of the hollow polycarbonate sheet has become the most concerned issue. At present, the quality assurance period of the hollow polycarbonate sheet is mainly divided into three years, five years and ten years. But it is not the life of warranty that represents the actual life of use. Take the ten year warranty for example. For example, television sets can be used for more than 15 years, but production plants usually issue a three-year warranty, which is not about the service life.

The change of the transmittance and the change of the yellowing index are limited to a range within a decade of the use of the process to ensure a good use of the hollow polycarbonate sheets.

In terms of raw materials, the extruded high grade polycarbonate material specially used for hollow polycarbonate sheet has certain anti-aging performance. At the same time, when the main equipment extrudes the plate material, the uv protection layer is extruded online, which is closely combined with the base of the hollow polycarbonate sheet. The uv shield blocks out 99.99% of the uv rays, protecting the sheet from uv rays.

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