What Is The Significance Of UV Coating For Polycarbonate Sheets

- Aug 03, 2018 -

Should you add UV coating when buying hollow polycarbonate sheets or solid polycarbonate sheets? Hollow polycarbonate sheets and solid polycarbonate sheets are the two most common and widely used sheets materials in polycarbonate sheets, especially in outdoor field, hollow polycarbonate sheets and solid polycarbonate sheets are very common, so it is inevitable to be exposed to the sun all day long, which will affect the service life of the sheets material, and then the UV coating will play a protective role.

Polycarbonate sheets is a kind of daylighting material, its anti-aging effect is very critical, no matter how much weight, no matter how good the material is, if there is no UV coating, the service life of the sheets will also be greatly reduced.

The significance of UV coating: anti - UV, anti - aging, prolong the service life of polycarbonate sheets

polycarbonate sheets through special processing in the production process, the surface of the product squeezes a layer of UV anti-uv layer, thereby reducing the UV damage to the hollow polycarbonate sheets corrosion. What squeezes UV coating is an independent machine, the cost is expensive, because of the high price, this caused the majority of manufacturers to directly add UV materials to PC materials in the production process, or even do not add UV materials without consumers' knowing, greatly damaged the service life of polycarbonate sheets.

UV coating is a kind of coating that can absorb ultraviolet ray, can have very good protection effect to plank, so suggest everybody is in buying sunshine sheets, endurance sheets when must choose to besmear the plank that has UV protection layer.

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