What are the factors that affect the light transparency of polycarbonate roofing sheet

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Since its invention the main function of polycarbonate roofing sheet is daylighting for building. The first widely used for is agricultural greenhouse. For agricultural greenhouse, light transparency, heat resistance, impact resistance, are primary concern in greenhouse engineering, then what are the main factors influencing the light transparency of polycarbonate roofing sheet? How can we choose polycarbonate roofing sheet products with different specifications?


It is worth mentioning that, because we can usually see the light transparency, the light transparency of polycarbonate roofing sheet is the most important factor to identify the quality of the sheet. Poor quality polycarbonate roofing sheet generally has poor light transparency, the color of the sheet will have certain yellowing, the surface will also have irregular impurities. And the good quality sheet will look very transparent, has smooth surface and no strange matter, natural light transparency will be very good. Of course, besides quality there are other factors that affect the light transparency of the sheet.


In following we will analyze it one by one for everyone.


1.The thickness
There is no 100% light transparency material in the world, just like ordinary daylighting materials, under the same conditions the thicker the sheet, the smaller its light transparency.


2.The structure
Also, the light pass through any material will produce certain refraction and reflection, this process will undoubtedly reduce the light transparency , so under the same condition the more complex polycarbonate roofing sheet its internal structure is, the lower the light transparency of it will be.


3. The color
This does not need much to say, all sorts of color converges and then become natural light , the polycarbonate roofing sheet that contains color even if be the material that transmits light also can affect the light transparency to a certain extent.


4. The raw materials
It would be much easier to understand the influence of raw material, polycarbonate roofing sheet is product produced by heating PC polycarbonate particle then squeeze out and form, the PC raw materials directly affect the light transparency of finished product polycarbonate roofing sheet. Although PC material has a long service life, but after long time outdoor using will slowly deteriorate and yellowing, and inferior sheet is mostly produced by recycled material, so the low quality polycarbonate particle will seriously affect the light transparency of polycarbonate roofing sheet.


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