What kind of materials are safe and durable for the roof of the pedestrian overpass

- Jun 23, 2018 -

At present, most urban intersections are crowded with people and cars, and the phenomenon of people and cars competing for roads is serious. Faced with this situation, some areas will build a pedestrian overpass across the street to facilitate the public travelling and ensure the safety of pedestrians. If there is a overpass across the street, people can safely shuttle through the streets.

What kind of building is the pedestrian overpass?  Maybe there are a lot of people still have doubt, in fact pedestrian overpasses is a construction to assist urban pedestrians in crossing the road, building pedestrian overpasses can make the way of pedestrians and vehicles on the road  fully separate, ensure traffic fluent and the safety of pedestrian. The most common form of pedestrian overpasses is across the street or highway, there is also across rail, light rail overpasses, there are some overpasses built in multiple intersection, blending with the surrounding architecture.

Overpasses have solved the problem of people travelling, but the weather is always fickle, overpasses lack the facility to prevent from rain and the sun, if installing canopy on the overpass, it can give people a safe travelling.

Now there are a lot of material that makes canopy, what kind of material mostly suitable for making canopy, today we going to understand it together with everybody!

It is known that the canopy installed above the overpass will be exposed to strong sunlight for a long time, which will accelerate the aging of the covering sheet, reducing the service life, if you want to alleviate the aging speed of canopy, so we recommend the use of hollow polycarbonate sheet to make the canopy, because of the hollow polycarbonate sheet’s good aging resistance, sheet surface with uv co-extrusion layer, maintain good optical properties and mechanical properties for a long time outdoor using. Such canopy are the shelter of preventing the sun and rain.

In addition, the hollow polycarbonate sheet has a strong impact resistance, and when encountering severe weather such as strong wind, rain, snow, hail, people can hide in the canopy made by the hollow polycarbonate sheet. Therefore, it is advisable to install the canopy on the overpass, which is also responsible for the safety of pedestrians.

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