How to simply identify the quality of PC sheet ?

- Jun 16, 2018 -

Unlike other building materials, the quality of PC hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet is related to a very important point, "warranty year". of course, some other products also have three years warranty, one year warranty, although merchants or manufacturers have the product quality assurance, obviously PC sheet warranty time should be more long, generally for five years, ten years, or even have 15 years warranty. Among them, two very important questions are put in front of us, will some manufacturers sell inferior quality product? How can we distinguish the quality of a batch of PC sheet products?

As a consumer, we don't have enough conditions to do very professional PC sheet test, so if we have a better way to judge the quality of the plate and the warranty year? Here, we provide you with several simple identification methods.

First of all, if it is transparent PC sheet, we can observe its transparency, usually if it is ten years warranty, PC sheet light transmittance can reach 90%, hollow polycarbonate sheet is about 80%, if the sheet have low transparency, this indicate the quality of material polycarbonate particle used to produce PC sheet is poorer, the year of quality assurance also will shrink .

Second, we can observe if the PC sheet have impurities, usually raw materials polycarbonate particle used to produce PC sheet which containing impurities are mixed with different degree of recycled material, the color of PC solid sheet produced by this raw material will have certain differentiation, PC hollow sheet will appear impure color samely. Under normal circumstances, sheet produced by recycled material is difficult to be used more than 10 years, after a few years of sunshine exposure, will appear break situation.

Thirdly, the warranty year of transparent PC sheet is not only the use of the most important raw materials, but also another factor, "UV coating". Its main function is to prevent ultraviolet ray to destroy the composition of polycarbonate, so as to avoid the appearance of yellowing and aging of PC sheet. How to determine whether the surface of PC sheet has added UV layer? You can irradiate the UV side under strong light, the side line will appear less obvious blue, the non-UV sheet will not appear this change.

Fourth, look at the weight, generally good PC sheet, relatively speaking, because of the material compactness, the weight is heavier, feel more hard when pinch, otherwise the texture is softer, the weight is lighter.

In general, from the above four point we can simply determine the quality of the PC sheet whether accord with your purchase standard, when you in need of large quantities of PC sheet product, hope you will choose from brand manufacturers, avoid being deceived.

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