What are the similarities between particle board and endurance board?

- Dec 21, 2017 -

If the sunshine board, endurance board such products are used in construction more, then there is a product that is very suitable for the furniture industry, that is, particle board. It is defined as a high-grade eco-friendly substrate, and the furniture it is made of is very environmentally friendly and more durable.

 Particleboard is solid wood broken and then glue, due to the middle of the pores, so the amount of glue used is very small, more environmentally friendly. Compared with the endurance board, you can clearly find the two are different raw materials, the former is a plastic material, which is a solid wood material.

With regard to the way the panels are installed, since the particle board still retains the physical properties of the solid wood to a certain degree, it holds relatively good nail holding force. In addition, because the particle board material than the same volume of light density, so it is the same as the endurance board deformation is not easy to maintain a stable state.

Compared with the MDF, MDF equipment requirements higher than the particle board, so the same level of MDF price is higher than the particle board, indicating the price of particle board is not very high. Endurance board is also the case, with a high cost, longer service life.

Comprehensive view of all aspects, although the particle board and the endurance board of different materials, uses are different, but at least in terms of environmental protection, cost-effective and wear resistance are similar, so they can go further and further in their respective fields .

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