Sunshine board canopy heating and health care benefits

- Dec 21, 2017 -

1, sunshine canopy awning superiority in heating mode

Choose to use the sun board Yupeng, making the traditional heating methods have been greatly improved, it is based on the ground radiation way to achieve heating, directly applied to the more advanced technology. Sunshine plate has a good light and heat absorption, solar energy can absorb a full range of heat, so as to achieve a comfortable heating effect.

2, the sun canopy awning role in health care

Mainly because it helps to improve our blood circulation, thereby accelerating the body's metabolism, will have a health care role.

The use of the sun as a canopy, the cleanliness of the entire interior has also been improved, the sun canopy of such products, not only reflects the addition of advanced science and heating technology, while making the environmental quality has improved, while saving interior space.

More crucially, the sunshine canopy sound insulation performance, thermal stability, even if the outside world a great change, it will not be affected, durable and low maintenance costs, is the ideal solution for the canopy.

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