Can hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet be bent?

- Jun 15, 2018 -

Yes, they can. The PC board is made of polycarbonate, it has very good ductility, so it can greatly be cold-bend. But please note that the specific bending radius is determined by the size and thickness of the sheet. If the size relatively small or thickness relatively big, to achieve the ideal result we recommend hot-bend forming process, we mainly talk cold bend below.

At present, there are many manufacturers roll the PC sheet when packaging or transport , the customer would worry if this cause damage to the PC sheet. For thin sheet of excellent quality, and in accordance with the minimum cold bending radius requirement, although will not made obvious damage on the sheet, it is not recommended for manufacturers to make a big extent of cold-bend, we will introduce the following.

Hollow polycarbonate sheet is smooth, does not have any undulating and bending radian, easy to install and have a strong ductility, in the installation, along the skeleton of the polycarbonate sheet radian pave and then nail it can make the proper radian. A small amount of hollow polycarbonate sheet curled up during transportation, so what is the most degree hollow polycarbonate sheet can be bend ? The answer for the bending limit is: the rolled up sheet ring radius is not less than 175 times the sheet thickness. For example, a 10 mm thick sheet can be bend to a radius of rolls for 1.75 meters, 8 mm thick sheet can be bend into a radius of 1.4 meters rolls, 6 mm of 1.05 m.

Flat series sheet inside the PC solid polycarbonate sheet (universal type, strong solid polycarbonate sheet) the minimum bending radius is 150 times its own thickness, the second,  advertising special astigmatism solid polycarbonate sheet, special sound barrier solid polycarbonate sheet also belongs to the flat sheet series, the minimum bending radius is also 150 times the thickness of itself. the other PC sheet such as hard solid polycarbonate sheet, frosted solid polycarbonate sheet, scratch-resistant solid polycarbonate sheet’s minimum bending radius can be 50 times, 100 times, or 200 times .

Learned here, we have to remind customers, if adopting the rolling way transportation, sometimes it cause damage to PC sheet. In fact, for the PC sheet, transport, installation and maintenance, the high-grade sheet need more to follow the technical parameters of the sheet, because its thicker wall , and the UV layer. In addition, for the UV coextrusion hollow polycarbonate sheet, even if the board does not bend sometime it can also cause invisible injury, because the wall of hollow polycarbonate sheet is thicker than the wall of ordinary low-grade board , when compared with ordinary cheap low-grade hollow sheet the rolling sheet is more easily to break, in other words, hollow polycarbonate sheet is more difficult to bend. Besides causing invisible damage to the bending sheet, too small bending radius will also affect the surface UV layer.

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