How to clean the dirt on the polycarbonate sheet?

- Jun 14, 2018 -

Polycarbonate sheet are widely used in our life, people more or less understand polycarbonate sheet’s characteristics and usage, but most people no longer care its condition after the installation, few people do the cleaning work. Polycarbonate sheet are exposed to the external environment throughout the year, light transmittance will be affected as time goes on. Timely clean-up is particularly important, using the correct procedure, suitable cleaning solvents and tools clean the outer surface regularly, can make the polycarbonate sheet look much pretty, and also can prolong the service life of the sheet.

A small range of pollution cleaning method, first rinse with warm water, then use neutral soap or household detergent and warm water, soft cloth or sponge to remove dirt, after dirt cleaning, wash and dry with a soft cloth sheet with cold water to prevent water spots left. Cleaning must rinse with warm water of 60 degree, use neutral detergent cleaning, do not allow the use of corrosive detergent. Do not use coarse dirty cloth and other hard sharp tools to brush and mop, use clean soft cloth to wipe off. If the surface exist oil, wet paint oil or tape gluey residue, we can use wet anhydrous alcohol, kerosene or gasoline to remove the dirty spot, then use clean water to wash out the dirt thoroughly. Finally dry and polish polycarbonate sheet with clean soft cloth or sponge, confirm no obvious trace of water was left.

Of course, in addition to regular maintenance and cleaning, collect extensive information about polycarbonate sheet, thus we can keep its cleanness and high light transmittance throughout its service life.

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