PC Sunshine Board Endurance board installation precautions

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Plate installation recommendations:

1. Before installation must ensure that the skeleton of the formation and cleaning;

2. First check the cutting board size and expansion reserve is qualified, with special attention to leaving enough uniform expansion gap, the formula is as follows:

Total expansion gap = expansion coefficient × local maximum temperature difference before and after installation × plate length

Expansion coefficient of 7.0 × 10-5mm / mm.K

3. Plate thermal expansion and contraction coefficient and the support frame is different, and need to stay margin to withstand wind pressure, snow pressure, etc., so the amount to be fully embedded reserves, as well as thermal expansion and contraction space. The general edge of the plate into the fixed frame 25mm above, and at least two ribs installed fixed area; thermal expansion and contraction generally leave 3mm per meter gap;

4. Identify the UV side of the plate surface, and the face-to-face installation, never allow the UV-side installed;

5. When installing the plate, the protective film on the plate will affect the combination of caulking material and plate, so before the installation of the plate around the protective film lifted 5 ~ 10cm, do not let the profile sandwich the protective film, but also not Lift up too much, so as to avoid damage to the board due to operation;

Note: Some workers in the operation of the protective film sandwiched in the profile, and then use a sharp tool to mark and then lift, but often scratches the plate and lead to the destruction of the plate;

6. Hollow cold plate bending installation, the bending radius of not less than 175 times the thickness of the plate;

7. Hollow plate can only be bent in the direction of rib;

8. The hollow slab should be inclined to install the direction of tendons, conducive to the export of condensate;

9. If the board is to be fixed directly from the self-tapping drill, to be reaming, all bore diameter should be greater than the diameter of the bolt, leaving thermal expansion and contraction of the gap; so open the hole in the board, the diameter than the screw diameter 50%, in the bending part to avoid locking screws, so as to avoid cracking plate;

10. Self-tapping screws tighten the force to be uniform, to ensure that the real compaction seal profiles and sheet metal;

11. All pores should be filled with a neutral sealant, and the exposed part of the neutral sealant to prevent detergent penetration into the edge, to prevent the extension of the crack; when the installation defects found in the possible leakage sites Sealant can be made to make up. Selection of sealant to be used after curing remains soft, low modulus, elongation greater than 50% of the neutral weathering silicone adhesive, sizing must make the surface of aluminum and plate clean and dry, so no oil, dust , Water vapor, dew and other debris, sizing should be uniform, smooth surface layer, the same cross-sectional size and may not be interrupted; must pay special attention to the use of the neutral sealant must be made in advance compatibility test with the plate, In order to avoid chemical reaction with the plate;

12. The center of the hole to the edge of the plate should be greater than or equal to 5cm;

13. Plates installed in the whole process is strictly prohibited pedal surface, the operation must be used across the plate of the portable pedal;

14.PC board cut length must be greater than the width of the bend;

15. After the plate is installed, it is required to immediately remove the protective film. If the protective sheet needs to be protected due to construction special requirements, the protective film must be removed first and then covered again.

16. The plate should be installed after the self-test, in particular, to do a serious sprinkler test, check whether the leakage, if leaks should be promptly eliminated, and then check the appearance of quality.

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