Greenhouses to install carbon fiber heating plate energy saving

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Do not burn coal, do not burn, the use of carbon fiber heating plate, greenhouse minimum temperature of at least 15 ℃, crop early market more than 15 days, environment-friendly, energy saving, cost savings 1/3.

It is understood that carbon fiber heating plate by heating can produce far infrared rays of 8 to 15 microns, is extremely important for the growth of plants, scientists call "the light of life", far infrared rays can promote stem growth and seed germination.

According to reports, after nearly two years of comparative experiments, carbon fiber far-infrared heating plate winter can indeed effectively solve the early hours of greenhouse facilities, low-temperature weather and cold water irrigation soil temperature is low, the direct protection of plant roots, to prevent crop freezing Root phenomenon. Not only that, after analysis of coal saving effect found that carbon fiber far-infrared heating system is more environmentally friendly than coal-fired boiler heating, reduce energy consumption and save as.

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