Endurance board leakage problem how to solve?

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Endurance board with impact resistance, can not break the strength of more than glass, acrylic board hundreds of times, tough security, security, bullet-proof effect is good, can be arched, bendable, good workability, plasticity, according to the site actual needs , Curved into arches, semi-circular and other advantages. With its excellent performance quickly entered the building decoration market, the construction industry's favorite and recognized.

According to the survey, some endurance board users now know very little about the board, so many problems occur during use, of which leakage is one of the problems. Want to solve the problem of leakage of endurance board but also to understand the following information Caixing.

1, to consider the coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction: physical endurance board and glass, aluminum and stone vary greatly, the thermal expansion coefficient of about 7 times the ordinary glass. Resulting in changes in the joints between the plates much larger than normal glass or aluminum. Therefore, in the beginning of the design if not for the precise design of the endurance board will lead to endurance board cracking leading to leakage phenomenon.

2, the installation should pay attention to: Endurance board due to the density, light weight, the same volume of glass is only 1 / 12-1 / 15, so the endurance board easy to handle, easy to install, but due to the light endurance board, so the installation Process to consider the wind load or other external forces caused by the deformation of the board, so as to avoid deformation or crack endurance phenomenon.

3, sealant selection is also very important. If the sealant is of poor quality or improper selection, it is an important reason for the light leakage at the endurance board.

Because it may happen that the amount of expansion of the sheet exceeds the limit of the sealant, the sealant may be pressed into the bead to allow the panel to move freely as it expands and is loaded. However, PVC sealant strips must not be used because the plasticizer added to the soft PVC migrates to the surface of the sheet, causing the surface of the sheet to crack or even ruining the entire sheet.

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