The advantage of building hollow polycarbonate sheet rainshed

- Jun 18, 2018 -

Residential area environment affect our life, and now people's environmental protection consciousness also increased, people has a new pursuit for underground parking entrance rainshed, such as production materials accord with environmental protection, appearance is close to the residential environment, besides need more beautiful and strong.


There are a lot of materials for making rainshed now, so what kind of plastic sheet should choose? We understand, from building and cost respect the more suitable building material is hollow polycarbonate sheet, why should say so? Let's firstly take a look at the advantages of building a hollow polycarbonate sheet rainshed.


First, about rainshed material, rainshed once is built well certainly cannot always changing, so choosing high quality materials to ensure the service life is very important, among various materials the service life of the hollow polycarbonate have 5 years warranty, 10 years warranty, the other materials’s service life is incomparable to the PC sheet, you can according to different environment to determine the appropriate quality life assurance hollow polycarbonate sheet.


In the second place, from consideration of the using value , cloth rainshed can't withstand the wind and hail, security has no guarantee, and organic glass rainshed is brittle material, easy to burst, rain-proofing effect is also not ideal, stainless steel awning exist bigger noise when it rains, and has the shortcomings of high cost. Compared with those of other materials hollow polycarbonate sheet is the most appropriate choice for underground entrance rainshed.


Third, from consideration of design aspects, the rainshed shape installed by other materials is relatively monotonous, the hollow polycarbonate sheet has the advantages of impact resistance, and the ability to arch, flexibility, good processability, and high ductility, so the hollow polycarbonate sheet rainshed can build into different shapes according to the reasonable design.


The underground parking exit is the symbolic building of each community, so it is necessary to install a rain shed that is both beautiful and practical.


Now hollow polycarbonate sheet’s application is very wide, not just in the field of rainshed, it is also applied to agricultural greenhouses, breeding greenhouses, flowers greenhouses, industrial plant shed, bike shed, car tent, swimming pool ceiling, highway noise barriers, etc. So underground parking export choose hollow polycarbonate sheet for rainshed certainly can't be wrong.

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