What's the difference between hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet

- Jul 09, 2018 -

In life we know the awning top sheet has hollow polycarbonate sheet and solid polycarbonate sheet, but they often don't understand what is the difference between the two, where are used to, today we will introduce in detail the difference between the two for you.

Hollow polycarbonate sheet

The hollow polycarbonate sheet is mainly made of PC/PET/PMMA/PP materials.The advantage is daylighting, heat preservation, sound insulation, can block the sun and rain, can also keep warm and transparent, can be used in greenhouse, furniture rain shed, office sound insulation, outdoor advertising light box and so on. However, the disadvantages are also extremely obvious when encountering natural disasters such as hail and snow, the ability to resist natural disasters is poor, the service life is short, need regular cleaning and so on.

Solid polycarbonate sheet

Solid polycarbonate sheet is made of high performance engineering plastic polycarbonate. Its features have impact resistance, breaking strength more than hundreds of times the strength of reinforced glass, acrylic plate, tough and safe, anti-theft, the best bullet-proof effect. Round arch, flexible: good processing quality, strong plasticity, can according to the actual needs of the site, bending into arch, semicircle and so on.

The solid polycarbonate sheet has not found any defects so far, but there is a non-defect that is more expensive than ordinary materials.

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