solid polycarbonate sheet sound barrier

- Jul 18, 2018 -

The noise reduction is related to the frequency of noise, the height of the barrier and the distance between the source and the receiving point. The noise reduction effect of solid polycarbonate sheet sound barrier is closely related to the frequency components of noise. The noise reduction effect is better for high frequency sound greater than 2000Hz than for medium frequency sound around 800-1000hz, but for low frequency sound around 25Hz.The effect is poor because sound waves have a longer wavelength and are easily deflected from above the barrier.

In general, solid polycarbonate sheet sound barrier can reduce l0-15db to high frequency sound.Noise barrier height, can design according to the distance between the sound source and receiver, double the height of the barrier, then 6 db can increase the amount of noise reduction, in order to make the barrier of noise reduction effect is good, should try to make the barrier near the sound source or the application of solid polycarbonate sheet sound barriers, is mainly used in railway and highway noise barrier along the route.

At present, solid polycarbonate sheet mainly used for highway noise barrier, elevated roads, urban light rail subway, traffic municipal facilities such as acoustic noise reduction and control of traffic noise on the influence of the nearby city area, also can be used in factories and other noise acoustic noise reduction.

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