Bars selection for solid polycarbonate sheet mounting

- Jul 26, 2018 -

Many people don't know how to install and fix the solid polycarbonate sheet. In fact, some accessories are needed in the installation of the solid polycarbonate sheet.

When installing solid polycarbonate sheet material normally, because two sheets can have certain gap between them, in order not to affect integral sealing, need to have an accessory can have good connection function.This part of the solid polycarbonate sheet material is the bar.

Because solid polycarbonate sheet material has a lot of special performance, the parts that match it also need to have excellent performance, so the pressure bar used here is also made of PC material, it is beautiful and generous to install, and it is more convenient to use.

Not only the material has strict requirements, but also the color of the pressure bar of the solid polycarbonate sheet material can be selected, which can be determined according to the requirements of customers and the color of the solid polycarbonate sheet material. Currently, the common specification of the bar is 6M. If there are special requirements, you can also ask the manufacturer to make it customized.

The installation of solid polycarbonate sheet materials will be easier and the installation quality will be better after the steel bars meet the specifications and performance requirements, which will help improve the overall sealing and service life of the materials and avoid problems such as leakage.

And solid polycarbonate sheet material itself also has the transmission of light, anti-impact, anti-ultraviolet ray, light weight, flame retardant, can be tortuous, heat insulation effect is good and so on characteristics, so it can be used in various occasions with the tie bar.

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