A method for determining whether an solid polycarbonate plate will crack

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Now solid polycarbonate plate is widely used, this is because endurance board has the advantage of resisting impact, can arch, bend, processing property is good, plasticity is strong, but we understand, a lot of people reflect now some sheet material can appear crack phenomenon, so how should know sheet material crack in advance? Now let's see.

According to the investigation, cracks appear in the plate now, mainly due to the fierce competition in the PC sheet market. Although many products look the same in appearance, they use different materials, resulting in uneven quality of products.

1. Check whether the nails in winter have cracking phenomenon: take the samples and place them in the refrigerator at -10 degrees, and take them out within 24 hours. Then use the nails on the edge of the plastic mold at a distance of 10mm to see if they can crack.

2. Test the summer deformation and laying: take the sample and place it in the hot water of 70 degrees for 5 minutes. Then take it out and pull the mold with your hand to see if the mold can be hardened.

Above two points is our brief introduction for you to check the solid polycarbonate plate cracking method. Wish customers to choose qualified plate when buying, if you choose the poor quality plate, solid polycarbonate plate cracking phenomenon not only affects the effect of decoration, and leads to the increase of waste and the maintenance cost, at the same time will be left some safe hidden trouble, so choose high quality plate can not only achieve beautiful effect, effective crack avoiding can create more comfortable, more secure space.

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