Precautions for installing hollow polycarbonate sheets rain shed

- Aug 01, 2018 -

1. Firstly, check the skeleton. It must be smooth and free from welding scars and burrs. The skeleton must be thoroughly dry and free of volatile solvents.

2. Lay butyl waterproof tape on both sides of the frame to form a small tank.

3. Place the hollow polycarbonate sheets on the skeleton, and reserve expansion joints between the sheets and the sheets.

4. Press the EPDM pressure bar on the interface between the sheets and the sheets.

5. Use self-drilling screws for fixation.

6. Under 1.05M in the middle of the width of the hollow polycarbonate sheets, the skeleton must be fixed with a self-drilling screw sleeve button.

7. No direct contact with the wall shall be made with the sunshine sheets on the wall, which shall be fixed on the wall with Angle aluminum, and then the sunshine sheets shall be covered and installed.

8. At the end of the hollow polycarbonate sheets, seal the mouth with aluminum mooring tape before fixing the edge strip or corner aluminum.

9. First, check whether the cutting size and expansion reserve of the sheets are appropriate, and pay attention to leave enough uniform expansion space. The calculation formula is as follows: total expansion space = expansion coefficient * the large temperature before and after local installation * the length of the sheets.

10. In the hollow panel installation project, the clamped part of the sheets shall contain at least one rib rib, or the clamped part of the sheets edge shall be smaller than 20MM. Recognize the uv - resistant side of the surface of the sheets and install the face outwards, never allow the uv - resistant side inward.

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