what is the reason that solid polycarbonate sheets ceiling leaks rain

- Jul 31, 2018 -

Solid polycarbonate sheets has many excellent properties, such as weather resistance, light quality, flame retardant, sound insulation, light transmission, uv resistance, impact resistance, etc., it is a new type of building material, which is mainly used in building awning, lighting roof and wall.But in the application of solid polycarbonate sheets in daylighting roof, there is a customer response that occasionally has the occurrence of rain leakage, so what is the reason of rain leakage in the roof of solid polycarbonate sheets?

Causes of roof leakage of solid polycarbonate sheets:

1. Design reasons

The physical performance of solid polycarbonate sheets is very different from that of glass, aluminum and stone, its thermal expansion coefficient is about 7 times of that of ordinary glass.The change in the joint between the hollow polycarbonate sheets is much greater than that of ordinary glass or aluminum.Therefore, if the experience value of the glass ceiling is directly based on the experience value of the glass ceiling without calculation, the cracking of the glue seam on the roof of the hollow polycarbonate sheets will lead to water leakage due to the large change of joints.A good design is a combination of stoppage and drain.

2. Installation reason

Due to solid polycarbonate sheets density is small, the same as the glass volume under the condition of its weight is only 1/12 of the glass - 1/15, so its easy handling, installation, can lighten the weight of the building, but it is because of the hollow polycarbonate sheets has the characteristics of light quality, when installation should take into account the wind load caused by external force or other surface deflection, avoid causing sealing seam of shape, craze.Additional purlins installation surface is not on the same surface also cannot ensure leakage.

3. Selection of sealant

Poor quality or improper selection of sealant is one of the main reasons for cracks and leaks in the lighting roof of solid polycarbonate sheets

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