do you know each kind of solid polycarbonate sheeting performance

- Jul 27, 2018 -

In recent years, solid polycarbonate sheeting's application scope is more and more extensive, for example, we often can see roof rain shed, daylighting roof, soundproof belt and so on. So why are solid polycarbonate sheeting so widely used? This has a lot to do with its performance, so let's take a look at it.

Various performance of solid polycarbonate sheeting:

1. mechanical properties

(1). Impact strength: solid polycarbonate sheeting has good impact resistance, its impact resistance is 250 times of glass of the same thickness, and 30 times of acrylic board.

(2) good tensile strength, solid polycarbonate sheeting heat resistance, even at 120 ℃, its tensile strength is still up to 350 KGF/cm2.

(3) bending strength, excellent solid polycarbonate sheeting bending, even if the bending Angle of 90 °, is still not broken.

(4) Anti-fatigue and anti-creep: solid polycarbonate sheeting's anti-creep is better in thermoplastic plastics.The creep is small even at high temperatures.

2. thermal performance

(1) the linear expansion coefficient of linear expansion coefficient of 7 x 10-125 px/cm / ℃ is smaller in the plastic.

(2) brittle temperature: solid polycarbonate sheeting brittle temperature was minus 40 ℃, low temperature for continuous use - 30 ℃, is than the general plastic.

(3) Combustibility: solid polycarbonate sheeting is a refractory self-extinguishing plastic, which will not produce toxic gas when heated at high temperature.

3. optical performance

The solid polycarbonate sheeting has a transmittance of up to 93%, which is comparable to that of glass. Of course, depending on the actual needs of customers, you can choose frosted board or particle board, or other solid polycarbonate sheetings with low transmittance in color.

4. sound insulation

solid polycarbonate sheeting sound insulation effect than glass 3-4DB higher

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