the difference between polycarbonate sheet greenhouse and plastic film greenhouse

- Jul 25, 2018 -

Greenhouse is very important for agricultural production. Common greenhouses include polycarbonate sheet greenhouse and traditional plastic film greenhouse, so which is more suitable for vegetable greenhouses than polycarbonate sheet greenhouse or plastic film greenhouse?

First of all, we can compare the materials of the two. polycarbonate sheet greenhouse uses polycarbonate sheet, which is not only more beautiful in appearance, but also has a longer service life.

Secondly, saving resources is what we advocate now. In terms of energy-saving, the thermal conductivity (K value) of plastic film is much higher than that of polycarbonate sheet, so it is easier to lose heat.

Then compare the impact resistance of the two. It is very obvious who is better at impact resistance. And the polycarbonate sheet will not be brittle at minus 100 degrees Celsius, nor will it soften at 135 degrees Celsius.

Fire is a safety accident that needs attention to be avoided in any environment, so we can compare the flame retardancy and fireproofing property. It has been tested that the polycarbonate hollow sheet is a class B, and the fire itself goes out without producing toxic gas or expanding the fire. But the plastic film burns immediately in the event of fire, and we can often see the loss of a large amount of money to farmers caused by the film shed.

From the comparison above, we can see that the polycarbonate sheet greenhouse is indeed more suitable for use as a vegetable greenhouse than the traditional plastic film greenhouse, which is believed to gradually replace the plastic film greenhouse.

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